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Knit Planet has been stocked into more than 50 stockists around the world since the brand was created in 2015. Products can now be found in UK, Benelux, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Romania in Europe, USA and China, both on and offline shops. 
Our collections are available in below shops, and shops with * are the shops that have our new 20AW offerings. Please find Knit Planet in these beautiful stores together with many other beautiful little things. Happy Shopping:)


Wickle* (Lewes, UK)
Catkin* (Cambridge, UK)
Trapeze Kids* (Sheffield, UK)
Small-folk* (Devon, UK)
Finandzee* (London, UK)
Monkey Circus* (Laakdal, Belgium)
Play by Rewind* (Antwerp, Belgium)
Great at 8 (Leuven, Belgium)
Dolly Rocker* (Berlin, Germany)
Little Wow* (Hamburg, Germany)
Hannah Hey (Dietzenbach, Germany)
Making Things (Zürich, Switzerland)
Babyzeit* (Wien, Austria)
Tiki Tiki* (Athens, Greece)
Cajuki* (Bucharest, Romania)
Bibs* (Bologna, Italy)


Minikin* (Montpelier, USA)
Ele+Ella (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Bubble Chops (NYC, USA)
Elegant Child (NYC, USA)
Luibelle (Philadelphia, USA)
Ta-Da (Hong Kong, China)
LullaBaby* (Mainland, China)
Sinyee Kids* (Mainland, China)
MMW Kids* (Mainland, China)
Watermelon Kids* (Mainland, China)
Shinyee Kids (Mainland, China)
August Kids* (Mainland, China)
Mello Kido* (Mainland, China)
Little Nordicbaby* (Mainland, China)
Benibaby (Mainland, China)